Miloslav Simandl

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upcoming events

Spring & Summer 2021

I will make a performance with 6 horses in season 2020.

My horses are: Deny, Apawi, Doremi, Madrono, Desiré, Narvador.

The calendar of events for 2023 is under preparation.


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Miloslav Simandl

about me

I own Deny, my oldest horse ,since I was twelve. It is a Czech hot-blooded horse from our breeding. We started to work on the method of natural partnership, that we are constantly improving. Currently I train with six horses at the same time. All exercises are performed in complete freedom. In 2009 I bought a 6 month old mare named Apawi. It is a crossbreed of Coba, Appaloosa and Andalusian horse. In september 2012 I extended my herd by 4 years old gelding Remi from Rhëiglander breed. I brought Madrona in 2014 as a 3-year-old, he is a representative of the Pura Rasa Espaňola breed. In December 2016, I expanded my team with other partners, Narvador 3-years-old and Desiré 3-years-old breed Pura Rasa Espaňola.

In my show, you can see the horse and human partnership at the highest level. Horses perform dressage and circus elements freely. The show includes bowing down, lying down, sitting, Spanish Steps, piafe and passage. Our supreme trick is a free performance, in which all three horses run side by side, while I stand on the backs of two of them and we jump over hurdles. This performance is very attractive for the audience.

In 2013 we had 160 performances in the Czech Republic and Germany. You can see videos and pictures from the shows on this webpage.